2012 Renovatio T500

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Aljosa Tushek from Tushek Supercars has create an ultimate super sport car which named Renovatio T500. This sports car is based on the K1 Attack Roadster by Oliver Ashley that was revealed in 2010. The 2012 Renovatio T500 by Tushek will be showcased to the public on April 19, 2012 at this year’s Top Marques Monaco Show.

2012 Renovatio T500 by Tushek image
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Artega GT and Roding Roadster 23 (Geneva Auto Show)

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At this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, there were two roadster cars which gains a lot of attention from visitors. They are the Roding Roadster 23 limited edition which will be produced in 23 units only and the Artega GT Roadster concept.

Roding Roadster 23 picture Geneva
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Citroen DS model teaser images

Garage: Citroen - Spy Shot/Teaser

New teaser images of the Citroen DS model have been released by Citroen on their official facebook fans page. Due to lack of information provided by the company about this car model, some people are speculating to determine the car from the teaser images.

Citroen DS Model teaser image
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