Melkus RS2000

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Melkus RS2000 final design has been released by the company. As have been announced by the company that the Melkus RS2000 will be handmade 25 units each year and it will become available in November.

With weighs less than 1,000 pounds, Melkus RS2000 features an aluminum chassis with a carbon fiber and fiber-glass body.

To improve its safety system, Melkus RS2000’s chassis has a monocoque architecture and the car benefits from a carbon Crashbox and roll bars.

Melkus RS2000

Melkus RS2000 features roof mounted doors which swing only a few centimeters outside the car. While the design of the Melkus RS2000 is reminiscent of the classic GT cars from LeMans and offers very good aerodynamic qualities.

Melkus RS2000 Image

Melkus RS2000 Car