Ferrari Special Project 12 (SP12-EPC)

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A special edition car has been unveiled by Ferrari which especially built for Eric Clapton, a famous male singer who well known for his songs. That is the reason why Ferrari give it a name: Ferrari SP12-EPC (obtained from “Special Project 12 – Eric Patrick Clapton”).

Ferrari SP12-EPC image

Apparently, Eric Clapton want to equip his new special car with the V12 engine. Since it doesn’t fit and suitable enough, the company provide the Ferrari SP12-EPC with the 4.5-liter V8 engine that was upgraded to gain better performance. With the engine, the Ferrari SP12-EPC is able to develops 570 PS (562 hp / 419 kW) power output and 540 Nm (398 lb-ft.) of torque.

Ferrari SP12-EPC image

The special edition Ferrari SP12-EPC is based on the Ferrari 458 Italia while combined with an inspiration of a unique bodywork from Ferrari 512-BB. Based on the images, then you will see that the Ferrari SP12-EPC will gets a new bumpers while equipped with a wide grille and a retro rear end.