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2012 Ford Mustang Shelby 1000 (S/C)

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Shelby American has released a new model which based on the 2012 Ford Shelby GT500. The new model that simply called Shelby 1000 will be showcased next month by the company at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. The company have said that this vehicle is available in two model which includes a street-legal version (Shelby 1000) and a track-only version (Shelby 1000 S/C).

Shelby 1000 picture

Ferrari Special Project 12 (SP12-EPC)

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A special edition car has been unveiled by Ferrari which especially built for Eric Clapton, a famous male singer who well known for his songs. That is the reason why Ferrari give it a name: Ferrari SP12-EPC (obtained from “Special Project 12 – Eric Patrick Clapton”).

Ferrari SP12-EPC image

Lamborghini Ferruccio concept

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To marks the oncoming 50th anniversary of the well-known Italian sports car brand Lamborghini in 2013, Mark Hostler create a futuristic super sports car concept which called Lamborghini Ferruccio concept.

Lamborghini Ferruccio concept picture