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Suzuki G70 concept (Geneva Auto Show)

Garage: Concept Cars - Geneva Auto Show - Suzuki

A new vision of a compact car concept has been unveiled by Suzuki at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. The concept is named G70 by the company although it was called Suzuki Regina on previous 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Suzuki G70 Concept Photo in Geneva Auto Show

Suzuki G70 Concept preview

Garage: Concept Cars - Suzuki

Suzuki G70 concept preview has been released by Suzuki ahead of its European premiere at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. This new Suzuki concept was originally premiered under the REGINA name at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show.

Suzuki G70 Concept

Suzuki Alto Lapin (2009)

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Suzuki Alto Lapin (2009) has been launched on the Japanese market. The company said that 2009 Suzuki Alto Lapin only available for Japanese Market only.

2009 Suzuki Alto Lapin is equipped with 2WD and CVT and equipped with an engine that offers a 24.5 km/l fuel economy.

2009 Suzuki Alto Lapin aims to be a good fuel economy vehicle and also become a minivehicle with distinctive design.

2009 Suzuki Alto Lapin