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Ferrari Special Project 12 (SP12-EPC)

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A special edition car has been unveiled by Ferrari which especially built for Eric Clapton, a famous male singer who well known for his songs. That is the reason why Ferrari give it a name: Ferrari SP12-EPC (obtained from “Special Project 12 – Eric Patrick Clapton”).

Ferrari SP12-EPC image

Ferrari FF premiere in Geneva

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Ferrari FF finally has made its public premiere at the 81st Geneva International Motor Show. With its global debut, finally we can see the interior inside the car for the first time.

Ferrari FF is the first all-wheel-drive car and the most versatile car model the company ever made which offering more space for its passenger. As have been said by the manufacturer, Ferrari FF comes with a 360 g /km CO2 emissions level while it has a 15.4 l/100 km fuel consumption.

Ferrari also present a HELE (High Emotions Low Emissions) system which fitted on a 485 Italia System. The company said that it may reduce the emissions of the 458 down to 275 g/km.

Ferrari FF Geneva International Motor Show

Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia

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Another upgrade program for Ferrari 458 Italia which will be premiered at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show have been announced by aftermarket specialists from Novitec. Powered by the standard 4.5- liter V8 engine, Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia may develops 39 hp / 28.7 kW more than the factory version. As the final result, Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia may outputs 609 hp / 448 kW at 9,100 rpm and 569 Nm of torque at 5,400 rpm. While for its top speed, the Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia is rated at 330 km/h.

The extra horsepower comes from a re-mapped ECU, modified air routing, a carbon-fiber airbox, a high-performance exhaust system, and also sport catalysts. Comes with new aerodynamic enchancements, Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia also gets the developed wind tunnel on its body kit by University of Stuttgart and the parts are made from carbon fiber for weight reduction.

The body kit of Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia will be included with carbon-fiber mirror housings for a racier look, fender-mounted ventilation louvers, and also a front spoiler. Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia will sits on 21 and 22 inch light alloy wheels and gets a sportier and lower suspension.

Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia Front Side