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Citroen DS model teaser images

Garage: Citroen - Spy Shot/Teaser

New teaser images of the Citroen DS model have been released by Citroen on their official facebook fans page. Due to lack of information provided by the company about this car model, some people are speculating to determine the car from the teaser images.

Citroen DS Model teaser image

Citroen DS4 Racing concept

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Citroen has revealed a new racing car concept which called Citroen DS4 Racing concept. As have been said by Citroen that the new DS4 Racing will make its global debut at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show next month.

Citroen DS4 Racing concept picture

Citroen DS5 at 2011 Shanghai Auto Show

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Citroen DS5 has been revealed at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show after the previous teaser image leaked on the web. The new Citroen DS5 will be equipped with a four-wheel-drive system and powered with the HYbrid4 diesel hybrid technology which results a 200 bhp power output. The company also said that the new Citroen DS5 has a CO2 emissions level of 99g/km.

Citroen DS5 is a four door, five seat vehicle that has a 465 liters luggage capacity which offers a driving position similar to the one offered by a Gran Turismo coupe. With its compact body, 1.85m in width, and 4.52m in length, Citroen DS5 has a body style which blended of various models such as an estate and a hatchback model.

Citroen DS5 picture