2014 Infiniti EV (electric vehicle) concept teasers

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Infiniti will unveil an electric vehicle model at the New York Auto Show which will be held soon. As have been claimed by the company that their new luxury vehicle comes with zero emissions technology while offer a stylish and high performance.

2014 Infiniti Electric Vehicle concept teaser

Based on Nissan Leaf, the 2014 Infiniti EV (Electric Vehicle) will comes with an upgraded powertrain while adopt the G-Series on its styling. This five-seat EV by Infiniti is equipped with bulging fenders, a crescent-shaped C-pillar, and also wraparound taillights which can be seen on the teaser images.

2014 Infiniti Electric Vehicle concept teaser

Infiniti did not disclose any detailed information about their new 2014 EV concept, however there are some rumors said that the new electric vehicle by Infiniti is powered by a larger lithium-ion battery. With a fully charged battery, the Infiniti EV concept (2014) will have a maximum range of 100 miles (161 km) while capable to accelerate 2 seconds faster than the Nissan Leaf from 0-60 mph in 9 seconds.